My Coke Rewards DOUBLE POINTS on 12 Packs Cinco De Mayo – 05/05/13!


Cinco de Mayo My Coke Rewards Bonus Points!!

Save your 12 Pack Codes, and stock up on any 12 packs (Fridge Packs) of Coca Cola Brand products you need by May 5th!

Earn Double Points on all brand Coca-Cola fridge pack (12-pk) codes on May 5th, 2013 – Cinco De Mayo Bonus Point Celebration!

Details directly from

Eligible Products:
All brand Coca-Cola fridge packs (12-pks)

When Points will be Awarded:
Accounts will be credited instantly after code entry.

Additional Information:
There is no limit to # of times a member can earn the offer during the promotional timeframe. Weekly code limits apply to base points only. Bonus Points awarded do not count toward weekly code limits.


4 thoughts on “My Coke Rewards DOUBLE POINTS on 12 Packs Cinco De Mayo – 05/05/13!

  1. Didn’t work for three 12-pack fridge pack Coke zero codes entered in Nashville, TN, USA between 11:00 pm and 11:30 pm CST May 05, 2013. I am calling BS on this promotion. Evidently, according to a little research on forums and blogs, the only successful products to double on Cinco De Mayo were Coke Classic and Coke Classic caffeine free. A bit of false advertising on the part of Coca-Cola in my opinion.

    • Hi Brian. I had that same problem tonight. I emailed My Coke Rewards, because the info details that I posted about the promotion was taken directly from the My Coke Rewards website. It basically states any coke brand. I will update what their reply was, when I get one. Thanks!

    • I just checked what I copied from the actual My Coke Rewards site. They did post all brand Coca-Cola fridge packs. To me, that means all Coca Cola brands… Right?! I would write them to complain, like I did.

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